The Dangers Of The Smart Phones In The Modern World

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In the developed nations across the world electronic devices and gadgets have completely permeated modern society. Technology has become more than a convenience or novelty to the citizens of developed nations. Technology has become a necessity. The need to have the latest and greatest electronic devices has become all encompassing. Modern household now have televisions, thermostats, and refrigerators all network ready and communicating. Leading the way in this parade of modern marvels is the smartphone. The smartphone has become so integral to daily life that many people could not imagine leaving home without it. The smartphone is such a versatile device that often the phone part of it is the least used function. This device brings access to the whole world to a person's fingertips. A device capable of calling forth the sum total of humankind’s knowledge at a moment's notice. However, without the requisite education and understanding, all of that knowledge becomes an incoherent list of facts. The need for technology has become an obsession in modern society. People become consumed in a never ending race to obtain the latest and greatest electronic devices. The more devices people possess, the more devices they feel that they need. Since 2005 American households have averaged more televisions than people (). The cycle of endless consumption is even worse in the smartphone market. In just 10 short years Apple will have gone from the first iphone to releasing the eighth
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