The Dark Ages And Its Effect On Society

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Since the existence of mankind, people always have had their instinct to create society. Society is a group of people getting together and sharing an environment to live more comfortable and safe. In the dark ages, a society had a variance of people with different duties, such as hunting, cooking or managing and etc. Because every single person had a different set of skills that can be useful for their societies in a different way. Each duty had its importance and creates an expectation for its society. Those duties can be entitled as first professions of the history of mankind. Let’s think about the times when mankind use rocks to hunt down animals. Because of deficiency of required materials hunting was hard, and dangerous. One day a man decides to sharpen his rock with another rock. Years later another person develops his/her sharpening rock technique becomes perfect at it and hunting becomes effortless for him and his society. Then someone else decides to use this technique for sharpening other people’s rock for food and clothes. By doing that he set off to make his sharpening rock act to be a profession.

21st century societies are complicated versions of the societies back in dark ages. Societies still need people with a set of skills, and any person can have a profession with specified education and field practice. Nowadays there are different varies of professions such as law, medicine, engineering and etc. Also professions has different fields too. Today if a

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