The Decision Making Process Of An E Commerce Site

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When it comes to launching an e-commerce site selling directly to consumers, there are many risks to be considered in the decision-making process. For A Couple of Squares, they need to consider the sheer time commitment it takes to run the online aspect of a business. Erb and Bradshaw wants to make sure the system is all put in order before they start to take orders to prevent any unwanted work or stress for the staff once the website is launched. With this Erb says the website will take of half of her time before the launch and more afterwards. (CITE)(B) Another risk is the impact of launching a website might have their already established B2B (business to business) customers. The owners fear these customers may feel they are trying to take away their B2C (business to consumer) market and then withdrawal their business from the company. (CITE)(B) Finally, is the risk of selling their products in the United States. A Couple of Squares has already faced many challenges when shipping to U.S. customers. One of these challenges in the brokerage fees that could occur with cross-border transactions. 2. For the first risk, minimizing or organizing time is key. It will be important to draw up a schedule and stick with it but adjust when necessary. With this Erb will be able to organize her time better and manage things without extreme stress. Another option is to have Erb and Bradshaw consider hiring on someone to handle the online aspect of the business that is an expert in the
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