The Department Of Health And Human Services Essay

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Creating a flowchart can help members of a team understand how a workflow process works and also reduce unnecessary steps. By making a protocol appear simpler and easier to follow, the organization can help nurses be more consistent with the protocol and therefore improve patient outcomes. According to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (n.d.), a flowchart helps provide a visual aspect of the workflow by “conveying the sequence and interactions of activities and tasks and thus clarifying key work processes, identifying who performs what activities and tasks, recognizing activities and tasks that should be performed by another person, and identifying unnecessary or non-value-added activities and tasks that you might choose to eliminate” (para. 2). The purpose of this paper is to create a flowchart that identifies health conditions that may require a detainee to obtain medical clearance from the emergency department (ED) before being admitted to the detention center. Workflow Process of Admitting a New Detainee The current process of admitting new detainees in the detention center that I work for starts by inmates arriving at the detention center accompanied by the arresting officer. By following the fit for confinement protocols, the nurse can decide if a detainee can be accepted into our facility or sent to ED to obtain medical clearance. The first step of the intake screening process is asking the inmate if he/she has any deformity of bones or suspicion of
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