The Development Of Tragedy And Comedy

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The Development of Tragedy and Comedy
With human civilization’s prosperity, the western dramatic tradition has its origins in ancient Greece. Although, it is not traceable with the precise evolution of its main divisions: tragedy, comedy and satire ( Kirszner and Mandell 1289 ). The development of drama is like the development of history, time’s change accelerates its diversity and contemporaneity. In this essay, I will bring you to retrospect the development of western tragedy and comedy which can be concluded with 3 aspects: the origin of ancient tragedy, humanistic care’s development with tragedy and comedy’s rising.
Drama can be traced its root from the ancient Greece. Ancient Greek drama placed emphasis on tragedy. Aristotle sums up that
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Aeschylus, who is considered as the father of tragedy in Greece and the most representative script of him is The bound Prometheus. Prometheus stole the fire from the hands of Zeus and presented the gifts to mankind and at last, he was prisoned in the Caucasus. Ma, a PhD student in China argues that such a fate tragedy uses buskin to indicate the inevitability of fate. However, as a god, the tragedy of Prometheus is the incarnation of mankind which reflects the common weakness of humans. The greatness of god is though, observing the limitation of himself, he still struggles to transcend the corporeality and directly confronts with the brutal fame and finally being a tragic hero (3). Which substantially affirms the value of humans and the comment of god, man and fame is the early humanistic…show more content…
“A comedy treats themes and characters with humor and typically has a happy ending” (Kirszner and Mandell 1300). Ancient comedy mainly spreads among the humble civilian as a kind of entertainment because nobilities only appreciate tragedies in ancient times. However, in the end of 16th to 1760s, comedy attains a rapid development (Chen 50). In Chen’s journal, Shakespeare and Moliere made a significant contribution. Their works are both themed with love, marriage, family and friendship which not only praise civilians’ intelligence and goodness but also advocate centralization and the freedom of marriage. They oppose to feudalism, rapacity and hypocrisy. The Merchant of Venice is a representative comedy of Shakespeare, like other works of him, Shakespeare’s work is base on humanism and through eulogizing the ideal objects to satirize the negative character (50). In this script, through praising for the sincere friendship between Antonio and Bassanio, Shylock’s greed becomes especially ironic. Compared with Shakespeare, the nuclear of Moliere’s work is democracy (50). Moliere is one of the most skillful and inventive comic dramatists of all times, and the Tartuffe is one of the most admired plays. According to Brockett, the author of Plays for the theater: a drama anthology, he stated that in the Tartuffe, Moliere had been criticized for delaying and through the skillful use of this delay to establish Tartuffe’s hypocrisy and Orgon’s

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