The Diagnosis And Treatment Of Breast Cancer

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3D Mammography The diagnosis and treatment of breast cancer and other non-cancerous diseases are very important in improving the quality of life for many women. The early diagnosis of the non-cancerous disease can reduce the incidence of breast cancer through effective treatment of mastopathy (fibrocystic of the breasts tissue). In the area of study, a variety of imaging modalities is implemented to assist with the diagnosis. These imaging modalities includes multi-frequency electrical impedance mammography, ultrasonic investigation, X-ray mammography and puncture biopsy. Various radiographic modalities are used in clinical settings to identify lesions that are suspicious for breast cancer, mammography is still the modality of choice for breast cancer screening. Breast sonogram is limited mainly to the diagnostic follow-up to clarify features of a potential abnormal lesion detected by the mammographic study. Patients undergoing mammography when any abnormalities detected patient often have the sonographic examination of the breast to confirm the underlying conditions. Sonomammography is used to assess breast tissue such as cystic versus solid structures seen on the mammogram (Bontrager & Lampignano, 2014). Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) use is evolving in the field of breast cancer screening, currently, it is used in combination with mammography for high-risk patients (Siddique, 2014). 3D mammography (or tomosynthesis), is a new screening and diagnostic breast imaging…
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