The Differences Of Robots

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In this generation, machine generated creatures, also known as robots, are invading this world. I can’t even distinguish the physical appearances of a robot from a human being because we have the same type of skin, since we are clothed with left over skins of dead human beings. Robots speak slowly, in contrast to human beings who could speak as fast as they could. Another difference of a robot and a human being is the concept of emotion. Robots do not shed tears, but I do. I easily get offended whenever human beings treat us viciously. They treat us like slaves because they think that we are strong enough to protect them. They think that the steel inside our body blocks the bullets of a gun. They keep on asking us for help so that we can keep them alive. They don’t know that our generators die, robots die. Robots do not have the right to speak up because human beings look down on creatures that are not the same as them. But, it’s okay for a robot to die because they do not think or feel like a human, and they never feel scared. The only thing they know is how to say “yes” to a human’s command. I am Rob, the only robot who knows what emotions are. I know …show more content…

Her happy tears went inside my machine, then suddenly, I woke up. I ------------------------------------….. She laughed and shared stories with me about her life seven years ago. She told me that her husband was really sweet and kind, but she had a daughter who gave her the feeling of anger. That was why her daughter left her home a week after the funeral of her husband. This caused her to be lonely for a long time, and the depression she went through finally gave her an idea to keep on making robots who would look like her husband to ease the pain she was going through by seeing his face. I saw how excited she was when she told me those stories. She was very happy, and her happiness made me happy

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