The Digital Of Digital Privacy

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The term digital privacy can be defined as or explain as by using digital means protecting information of private citizens or business, In these days when people try to explain what is digital privacy mostly they refer to usage of internet or relate with it. This is the technology era, digital privacy is being discussed in related areas, and addressing related issues according in right direction drive towards solution and help to secure more data. Digital privacy focuses and depends on the medium that is used by individuals and business, for example number of internet users do not have any idea that their activities and information about them regularly being stored. Through computer internet protocol, (IP) user’s activities and database can be accessed and monitored and information like search and view website history with date and time saved be search engines or servers. In this age, we can experience instant and dramatic changes and improvements in communication technology and digitalisation, to get require information become lot easier than before but also on the other hand to access information and breach of privacy is also being witness and sometimes technology help to expose abuses.
Current Situation of Digital privacy For Business
Now a days there is competition among the business and it is not easy to stay remain profitable or maintaining it. Business plans without risk management strategies can Leeds towards disaster and information security and digital privacy

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