The Distance Learning Program Is Not A New Instructional As It Has Really Been Since The 1700s?

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Distance-learning program is not a new instructional as it has really been since the 1700s. However, traditional education styles that the teacher standing in front of a classroom is still the mainstream of education at the present. Distance learning has a satisfied and limits faced by teacher but it focuses on student’s requirements and have to use computer and Internet to communicate between learner and teacher. In term of traditional education are related with experience teaching for example, role-play or team project. Thus traditional education and distance learning have different way to teaching and learning. There is evidence related with this topic according to Levine and Sun (2002) predicted, “there will be three types of institutions brick and click. The successful brick institutions, the traditional campus-based university. The click institutions, virtual universities relying entirely on e-learning. But the most prevalent will be the brick and click institutions.” In the future might be blend traditional system and online methods that learner can get more benefit from two type of education whether from Traditional education or distance learning program. The purpose of this essay is to analyse that distance learning is better than traditional or not. Different part of this essay is divided as follow. The mainbody explains about advantages and disadvantages of distance-learning and traditional education, the final section will conclude. A limitation of this essay is…
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