The Effect Of Kinesics On Listening Comprehension

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Running head: KINESICS’ EFFECT ON LISTENING COMPREHENSION The Impact of Kinesics on the Listening Comprehension of Iranian EFL Female Learners Purebrahim Islamic Azad University Science and Research Branch Professor: Dr. Fall, 2014 Abstract The present study analyzed the effect of kinesics on listening comprehension of pre- intermediate Iranian EFL learners. Two classes of EFL female students were selected for the study, class A with 15 students had audio-visual films, containing kinesics for listening but group B, got tapes with the same content. Two listening tests were performed using a tape and a video, the first test was 27 minutes, and the second test was 29 minutes. Results of the study showed the positive effect of kinesics in listening comprehension. The results showed that comprehension was higher among students who had video-oriented tests. Introduction Review of literature Nowadays English has become a common feature in today’s society. In the language learning process, even in first language acquisition (L1), all aspects of linguistic comprehension precede, or facilitate, linguistic production (Brown, 2000, P. 34). Among 4 language skills, Bulletin (1952) suggested that listening is the most important and essential one. Lynch mentions that “ listening involves the integration of whatever cues the listener is able to exploit incoming auditory and visual information, as well as information drawn
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