The Effect Of Sugar Concentration On Rate Of Fermentation

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The Effect of Sugar Concentration on Rate of Fermentation

To investigate how concentration of sugar affects the production of carbon dioxide.

If the sugar concentration increases, then the amount of carbon dioxide produced will increased.

The independent variable is sugar concentration. This will be changed by using solutions with different amounts of sugar (2%, 6%, 10%).
The dependent variable is rate of fermentation, which will be measured by the amount of carbon dioxide produced.
A constant/controlled variable is the yeast that is used. This would affect the results because different yeasts could affect the rate of fermentation. This will be controlled by using the same bottle of yeast for all tests.
Another constant variable is the time the reaction is left to occur. This would affect the results as if one test is given a substantially longer time for a reaction to take place, the production of carbon dioxide will be higher. This can be controlled by assembling the test tubes at similar times and using a timer if necessary.
The temperature of the water that the test tubes sit in is another controlled variable. This is because temperature is known to affect rate of fermentation. This can be controlled by using the same water bath to heat all 6 test tubes.

• Hot plate/water bath
• Yeast (60ml)
• 2% concentrated sugar water (20ml)
• 6% concentrated sugar water (20ml)
• 10% concentrated sugar water (20ml)
• 2x syringes (10ml)
• 6x

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