The Effect of Color on the Ability of Recall

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The Effect of Color on the Ability to Recall and Recreate a Series of Images from Short Term Memory (STM)
Problem Statement
The purpose of this experiment is to test the role color plays in one’s ability to recall and reproduce a series of objects. Specifically, if presented with images in high contrasting color, does a person have a greater ability to recall and recreate those images from STM compared to images presented in black and white?
Relevance of the Question
The information gained from this experiment can help students and teachers increase their learning and teaching effectiveness. This research has the potential to influence professionals in sales and marketing when bringing new products to market and increasing the “brand …show more content…

o The two sets of images will be constructed with the same 10 geometric designs. Half of the set will be the 10 images in black on a white background (Odd), and half of the set will be the 10 images in black and red images on a white background (Even). From these two sets of images the testing sets Image Set A and Image Set B will be created. o Image set A will be Odd, Even through the set. o Image set B will be Even, Odd through the set.
· Ream of white 8 X 11 copy paper. Used by the participants to record both the individual images and the final test.
· 10 Standard #2 pencils for participants for testing and as spares.
· A pencil sharpener to re-dress pencils after each participant completes the study.
· A box of paper clips to bind and organize each participants results for later analysis.
· Stop watch. Each participant’s time will be regulated to 3 minutes for each image.
· An Accordion folder will be used to collect and organize all samples in the study.
1. Volunteers will be sought out for this study. The volunteers will be assigned one of two testing times. Testing Group 1 will participate in the morning between 9AM – 12PM. Testing Group 2 will participate in the afternoon between 1PM - 4PM. Instructions to eat prior to showing up for the study will be supplied
2. The participant pool will be seated in a room adjacent to the testing area.
3. Participants will be

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