The Effectiveness of Motivation Theory

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Running head: Motivation Theories: A Literature Review Motivation Theories: A Literature Review ------------------------------------------------------------------- -------------------------------------- Motivation Theories: A Literature Review Motivation is an important concept for managers to understand. Motivation affects direction, intensity and duration (Locke & Gary, 2004). High task motivation has been found to correlate with high firm growth (Miner, Smith, et. al., 1989). Berman and Miner (1985) studied CEOs, COOs, executive VPs and group VPs and found that those “who reached the highest levels of large business firms [had] higher motivation to manage than individuals with less achievement” (377-391).…show more content…
Daniel Goleman gives six distinct leadership styles, “coercive leaders demand immediate compliance. Authoritative leaders mobilize people toward a vision. Affiliative leaders create emotional bonds. Democratic leaders build consensus. Pacesetting leaders set high standards and expect excellence. Coaching leaders develop people” (Longenecker, Moore, Petty & Palich, 2008, p. 474-475). Forsyth (2006) called leadership “the process by which an individual guides others in their pursuits, often by organizing, directing, coordinating, supporting and motivating their efforts” (p. 376). Invang (2008) the guide to his group members. “A manager who listens encourages employee growth and career development” (Burley-Allen, 1995, p. 9). Anthony (1989) discusses motivation by example and through involvement and interactions with employees. Wolleat (2007) reviewed Gary Latham’s book, Work Motivation: History, Theory, Research, and Practice and acknowledged its use in presenting motivation theories but Locke and Gary (2004) found that motivation theories do not compete with each other as much as they show different aspects of motivation. The goal of managers, therefore, should not be so much to evaluate motivation theories to select the superior theory; rather the goal of managers should be to use characteristics of different motivation theories to effectively motivate employees. -------------------------------------------------------------------
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