The Role Of Meaningful Work On Work Motivation Theories

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Role of Meaningful work in Work Motivation theories 1. Introduction Work signifies an important aspect of human being’s life owing to the outcomes related with it, such as economic outcomes (salary, financial incentives), social status and fulfillment of needs. This had inspired organizational scholars to explore, what motivates one to work, leading to tremendous research on work motivation. Motivation theories can be classified through three predominant approaches (Chalofsky, 2003): 1. Content theories – These theories analyze the motives and underlying drivers of human behavior. It is based on the assumption that main intention behind human behavior is to satisfy the needs. 2. Reinforcement theories – These theories have their roots in assumption that all actions are triggered in response to environmental stimuli. The research based on these theories try to identify the stimuli which trigger goal directed behavior. 3. Person – situation interaction theories – These theories are based on assumption human beings choose and enact specific course of action over the alternatives, under the influence of situational factors and individual dispositional factors. These theories focus on the process which evaluates the consequences, hence leading to a particular decision The special edition of Academy of Management Review in 2004 on future of motivation theories was a significant milestone in the field, which noticed stagnation in work motivation research since 1990s and helped
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