The Effects Of A Changing Climate Change

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The Effects of a Changing Climate Melting ice caps, intense heat waves, and rising sea levels are all clear indicators that the climate is changing. Many scientists from the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) predict a temperature rise of two to ten degrees Fahrenheit over the next century (“Global”). The future forecasts also calls for greater intensity hurricanes, droughts, and an ice free arctic. The public does not believe that climate change will significantly affect them but it will and already greatly has. Many different factors come into play when trying to find a cause for the changing climate, but a major one is greenhouse gases produced by human activities. A greenhouse gas is any gaseous compound in the…show more content…
Although, replanting can reduce CO2 levels it is not enough to reverse the changes in the climate. The change in climate can also affect the rain patterns a specific region experiences. Climate change can cause more or less rain to fall throughout the year around the globe. More precipitation would occur in the northern regions of the world and much less would occur in the southern regions. This can result to flooding in the north and drought in the south. Neither of these scenarios is superior to the other. They both result in a loss of crops and damage to buildings and homes. Houses and higher built buildings would be washed away by the rushing water. This would also cause damage to vehicles, farms and landmarks. On the other hand, a drought would leave the area dry and unable to support the growth of any plants or crops. A drought would also greatly increase the chance for fires due to the lack of water in the soil and heat. Many establishments may catch fire and spread to nearby buildings. With both drought and flooding, the price of food needed for individuals would rise significantly. Any consumable goods would be scarce and there would be much competition to see what stores could buy it for the least amount of money and make the most when selling it. Farms would no longer be an option for growing food if it floods or if the crops dry out and die. Bodies of water hold many different species around the world. However, humans are
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