The Effects Of Climate Change On The World

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With climate change being upon us, the time to act is now. Evidence of drastic climate changes include the following: record low polar ice caps during the summer of 2012, record drought in California, excessive flooding in the eastern half of Texas and record heat in India. This is all evidence of what our “normal” climate will be like in the future. If we don’t act right now, we will live in a world where cities along the coast like Miami, New York and New Orleans will be partially underwater. Record breaking heatwaves like the Chicago Heatwave of 1995 and the European Heatwave during the summer of 2003 will become a normal occurrence. Furthermore, polar bears will become extinct, since there will be little to no ice in the arctic during the next few years and decades. Therefore, we must be cautious of the actions that we take right now, since the future of our planet is heavily dependent on it. Increased burning of fossil fuels and rising greenhouse gases have both boosted the rate of climate change to unprecedented lengths that we have never seen before. If we don’t reduce greenhouse gases, we will live in a world that is “anywhere from 1.8C (3.24F) warmer (low emissions scenario) to 4C (7.2F) warmer (high emissions scenario) by 2050.” (Freeman & Guzman 1545) Either way, coastal regions will have to cope with rising sea levels, receding coastlines and flooding that could endanger the lives of many. Considering this, the big question is “how has the U.S. engaged with the
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