The Effects Of Climate Change On The Globe

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Straightaway, I knew that the topic that I felt was most interesting to me was geoengineering. I felt it was important enough to research since it could affect everyone on the globe. I wanted to know the reasons behind it, so I began the research process questioning if we know enough about climate change to put geoengineering techniques into play. The research process has not only given me time to learn more about a subject I find so important, but I have gained much more knowledge about climate change in general, and the experience has taught me how to critically look at opposing sides to a topic just as intently as I would my own view.

In module 1, I learned ways that helped me come up with ideas to develop the main question I intended to answer in my paper: Are we sure enough about the alleged anthropogenic cause of climate change to embrace the uncertainties of geoengineering? In module 2, I learned how to find credible and relevant sources that had the information I needed. The process was very intimidating at first, but now I can find sources to use in my papers for making a strong, persuasive argument. The first major milestone of the course came in Module 3, the annotated bibliography, which was key in the beginning to a strong paper and my understanding the research process. I learned how to properly document my sources, and basically ended up with the foundation of my paper. I thought I wouldn’t be able to get this part right, but I was pleasantly surprised. The

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