The Effects Of Climate Change On The World

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Is it too late to go back? Can we leave our plan in sustainable place for future generations? Climate change is happening weather we like it or not, what are we going to do? Mahtma Ghandi once said “ you need to be the change you wish to see in the world”. Climate change is causing unbelievably high levels of carbon dioxide , the global economy is estimated to drop by 23 percent by 2100. Our glaciers are melting at an unbelievable pace, Zacharie Isstrom is melting at a pace of 5 billion tons per year. Climate change has been changing for over 650’000 years. The carbon dioxide levels have never been higher then 300, so whats changed? Since the 1900’s global sea levels have increased by 17cm. Since the industrial revolution we’ve seen a spike in the levels of carbon dioxide but we haven 't understood what that means for the earth. Too much carbon dioxide is not healthy because those gases unbalance the resting temperature of the Earth. The amount of carbon dioxide isn’t the only greenhouse gas, we need to realize that CO2 is not the only gas in the atmosphere not being able to leave the Earth creates increasing temperatures creating a snowball effect. Since the Industrial Revolution the burning of fossil fuels has been a big thing, since then we see the significant incline of CO2 in the atmosphere. Although the Industrial Revolution was a major breakthrough for us as a community, at the time we didn 't think of the effects it could have long term. The ozone layer is broken
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