The Effects Of Electronic Communication On The Workplace

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6. A last minute emergency will not permit you to meet with each of the manufacturers. Instead you notify each that you will negotiate by email. EXPLAIN: [5 Points]

a. The benefits of negotiating in writing?

Even though, written communication is most vulnerable to unintended communication (Corvette, 2007) it may very well be a good form of negotiation when it comes to the retail store owner. Within this case, the store owner could filter out all outside noises caused by other environmental factors i.e. machines, employees/ nosey employees, also persuasion from the manufactures will be minimized due to no emotional involvement therefore, creating a more direct pitch from both side involved. The text further states that electronic communication is becoming more important in negotiations. It is prudent to be aware of what has developed in expression emotion through electronic forms (Corvette, 2007). Furthermore, the confrontation of these styles of communication in the same negotiation can lead to friction. For example, the indirect ways Japanese negotiators express disapproval have often led foreign business executives to believe that their proposals were still under consideration when in fact the Japanese side had rejected them (Salacuse, 2004) .

b. The detriments of negotiating in writing?

Written communication is most vulnerable to unintended communication (Corvette, 2007), in personal experiences sends a text message it is hard to read the emotion with the…
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