The Effects Of Food On Our Unhealthy Conditions

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Seeing the overall health of Americans is so much lower than other industrialized countries, you cannot help but wonder whether toxic ingredients such as these might play a role in our unhealthy conditions (Dr. Joseph Mercola 5). Suspicions are brought up on the handling of the FDA 's food protection. Furthermore, how food is being handled, is criticized of being overlooked on the health consequences. Chemical companies do not seem to have concerns for human and environment risks. Even though food production has improved to last longer and have quality taste, the United States should not allow the production of unhealthy foods because other countries ban some of the ingredients we use in food production and current food production…show more content…
For instance, Filipinos in at least five villages felt sick when a nearby BT corn variety was pollinating. Rats fed GM potatoes showed excessive cell growth which can lead to cancer, damaged organs, and damaged immune system (Jeffrey M. Smith 6). There is an extensive number of side effects that can be caused due to GMO foods, still the FDA continues to ignore further studies to prove that GM food are not any different than conventionally grown crops. Lack of information about the safety of GM foods should signal to the industry more studies are needed; however, the GM industry is hesitant to provide further studies. The Genetic engineering of our food system is proceeding essentially unregulated, despite the fact that three federal agencies are responsible for the safety of genetically engineered foods (Mercola 10).
Most Americans spend a large amount of money in processed foods, however, they do not think about the additives that are loaded in them. When foods are processed, not only are valuable nutrients lost and fibers removed, but the textures, natural variations, and flavors are also lost. Above all, what is left behind is a bland flavor which most people would not want to eat (Dr. Joseph Mercola 5). It is clear that no one desires to eat something unappealing. The food manufacturers priority is to make produce high quality taste, however they do not take into consideration what goes into their products as long as they make profit
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