The Effects Of Global Warming On Today 's Society Essay

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Global warming is one of the leading environmental issues of today 's society, and it is an issue that many people either do not know much about or are misinformed about. In fact, not many people currently view it as being an extremely important issue due to lack of research, and some people are doubtful that it even exists. However, taking recent research into account, one thing is certain. Global warming is happening at a much faster rate than what leading climatologists have predicted.
The rate at which carbon dioxide is being admitted into the atmosphere directly correlates to the increase in global temperature. Human induced carbon dioxide is the primary factor that is heating the planet. The burning of coal and oil, the clearing of land for agriculture and industry, and other human activities have increased concentrations of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere. In fact, our dependency on fossil fuels has catapulted our levels of carbon dioxide from low to uncontrollable. According to NASA, the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, “The industrial activities that our modern civilization depends upon have raised atmospheric carbon dioxide levels from 280 parts per million to 400 parts per million in the last 150 years” (NASA). This human induced carbon crisis has amplified a “greenhouse effect” on Earth, which is a “warming that results when the atmosphere traps heat radiating from Earth toward space” (NASA). However, the greenhouse effect is not something to be

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