The Effects Of Hypnobirthing On Women During Labor

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Researchers carried out a study to determine the effectiveness of HypnoBirthing, a specific hypnotic program, at reducing labor pain, fear, and stress levels as compared to other studies of hypnosis and childbirth. After program and childbirth completion, 90 program participants from Australia, women ranging in age from 24 to 42, who had had complication-free vaginal births, were sent a questionnaire asking for specific information on their birth experiences to be considered for the study. The survey results find that although HypnoBirthing participants have similar labor experiences to other women who use hypnosis for childbirth, the majority of HypnoBirthing participants report higher feelings of comfort, confidence, and relaxation than their counterparts, implying that HypnoBirthing leads to easier childbirth than hypnosis alone.

The Effects of HypnoBirthing on Women in Labor Childbirth has become increasingly medicalized in the last century (Nguyen et al, 2010; Stavrou et al, 2011), but in the last two decades, more and more women have sought alternatives to the now common use of chemical anesthesia and cesarean sections in obstetrics (Nguyen et al, 2010: Stavrou et al, 2011; Werner et al, 1982; Schauble et al, 1998) . One alternative is a program called HypnoBirthing, created by Marie Mongan (1992). HypnoBirthing, a combination of hypnosis and hypnotherapy, “is a set programme consisting of 10-12 hours of instruction for couples approaching the later

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