The Effects Of Social Media On Society

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With the way the world is nowadays, there are numerous factors that can contribute to the way a person can view themselves. Some of those factors are social media, advertisements, television, and society. Each of them is very different, but all can greatly affect one’s self- image. One of Sherry Turkle’s main points in her writing was that social media can cause someone to stress for numerous reasons. Jean Kilbourne states in her writing that advertisements can tell someone how to view themselves or have an influence on the way they act. Bell Hooks explains how television can affect how someone views their economic status and how their economic status can make them feel about themselves. Social Media is meant for people to connect and socialize with each other, it is not meant to cause stress or pressure on someone for small reasons. Advertisements are meant for stores to promote their business and increase sales, but can sometimes be misinterpreted by people. Television is meant for leisure and entertainment, not meant to be taken serious and make someone feel bad about themselves. Males and females need to consider how social media, advertisements, television, and society can affect the way they see oneself. Social media causes people to stress. It causes them to stress because they are so consumed with the idea whether they are an interesting person. Turkle claims in her writing that not having a captivating profile page on social media can make a person fret whether
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