The Effects Of Unlimited Oral Intake On Patients With Identified Aspiration

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Debate & concerns
• Teamwork is critical to implementing this type of water protocol.
• Ensuring pristine oral hygiene is critical for this type of protocol to work efficiently and effectively.
• Implementations across whole facilities and not just on a case-by-case basis can be problematic.
• Compliance of patients and families to remain on a modified diet of thickened liquids only can be difficult, especially after leaving facilities.
• Patients who are on a thickened liquids diet only may face dehydration which can cause more problems than aspiration of water alone.
• Allowing patients to consume water as they wish may increase in their quality of life.
• Individuals on a modified thickened liquid diet or feeding tube may aspirate just as much, if not more than those on the FWP.


Garon B.R., Engle M., Ormiston C. (1997). A randomized control study to determine the effects of unlimited oral intake of water in patients with identified aspiration. J Neuro Rehab, 11, 139-148.

“This study investigated two groups of 10 patients each—one assigned to thick liquids and the other to the water protocol (sans oral hygiene). After 30 days, follow-up revealed no differences between groups in pneumonia, hydration, and complications and no significant difference in fluid intake. The only significant difference was that control patients drank more thickened liquids than did water-protocol patients, which is not…
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