The Effects of Mobile Phones to the Edu

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CHAPTER I THE PROBLEM Introduction The mobile phone was not made on our society, it has made a crater. This technology has not just changed our daily lives, it has also many aspects of our culture. In our generation, mobile phones are still alive and popular around the world because in every year, there are new versions of mobile phones which is not just for communication but it is more on applications and it has a similarities in computer. Everyone has a mobile phone, especially the students, because it become necessary part of their everyday life. Between calling, texting, taking pictures, emailing, updating, social networks and surfing the web, mobile phones now have become more than just a way to call a friend and they have …show more content…

4 Statement of Problem This study aimed to determine the effects of mobile phones among fourth year highschool students of Makilala National Higschool (MNHS)- Makilala 2014-2015. Specifically it sought to answer the following questions: 1. Can a cellphone affect the behavior of the students? 2. What is the effect between the teacher and the students who are using cellphones during class hours? 3. Is there an affect of using cellphone in the academic performance of fourth year students? 5 Hypothesis Ho1There is an affect of using cellphone in the academic performance of fourth year students. 6 Significance of the Study The significance of this study aim’s to give preventions in bringing cellphones in school in order to have’nt an any kind of distractions during school hours. This study aim’s to help the students to realize that cellphone can cause of distraction in their studies and it can be annoyance to anyone. This study try to show what would be the impact of cellphones to the academic performance of students. The specific thing that this study wants to achieve is to give the students a lot of information about the effects of mobile phone in their academic performance, to convinced them not to be tempt from over

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