The Efficacy Of Methotrexate ( Mtx ) Versus Placebo

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The Efficacy of Methotrexate (MTX) versus Placebo in Early Diffuse Scleroderma(1). Introduction The aim of this essay is to explore the objectives, the hypotheses, the study design, the research methods, statistical data analysis, the results and the ensuing discussion in the research paper mentioned above and try attempt analyze why, contrary to expectations, this study did not find a significant efficacy of MTX in dcSSc despite having documented efficacy in skin scores. Systemic sclerosis (SSc) is a chronic, rare, complex, multisystem, autoimmune disease of the connective tissues with diverse variants. Progressively the skin thickens and scars, with excessive accumulation of fibers, cells and collagen in the skin and visceral organs, …show more content…

Further ahead (8) guidelines on metrics in disease activity indices such as STPR as a predictor of mortality and visceral involvement (9). These RCTs has probable findings on the efficacy of MTX (10)(11).Interventions which aim at pathogenesis hold a promising future(e.g. Imatinib).Therapeutic agents targeting the fibrotic and vascular pathways(4) , conversely, improving survival rates (6). Nonconformity with the CONSORT 2010 checklist Randomization curbs bias. In this study, much detail remains unclear in the description of the trial design, methods, results and the conclusion. It is problematic in the non- adherence to the CONSORT statement, notwithstanding, the full trial protocol, availability and accessibility and its entry into the trial registry. Accordingly, registration precludes post hoc changes in the primary outcome whilst lessening the chances of outcome reporting bias. Surprisingly, the role of the sponsor or the funder has little attention paid given that it plays a role in generating a conflict of interest. Unsatisfactorily, a CONSORT flow diagram as a requisite in an RCT has been overlooked. This study has claims of stratified randomization, nevertheless, questions abide on the generation of the blocks, who generated the random allocation sequence, were there an allocation concealment mechanism, who enrolled the

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