The Emergency Management Planning Process

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Life is full of unexpected disasters as well as calculated ones. As a whole, society cannot account for all disasters that will occur nor can we successful eliminate the results of these disasters. That’s why in most advanced societies there are people in place to manage and or monitor natural disasters. These people are in charge of the planning process and execution of emergency management systems or operations. They are essentially the people responsible for ensuring that when a disaster whether natural or acts of fate occur the effect on the community or society as whole is minimal. The emergency manager or planner is to follow a strategic planning process that encompasses a variety of aspects including but not limited to a …show more content…

The first step in the emergency process as stated in the introduction is to form a collaborative planning team that will take the emergency situation head on. The team must understand emergency planning as well as the ability to collaborate on an intellectual level with other team members. Each member must have the same goal as well as objective. These objectives include providing safety for people, property as well as facilities. The members must be comprehensive, which includes provisions to assess the severity of potential hazard. The team will then move on to take steps to eliminating the disaster or problem. In conclusion, the collaborative planning team must understand the four fundamental theories of disasters. This serves to develop the most effective plan or process for disaster relief. The four fundamental theories of disasters include acts of fate or God, acts of nature or natural disasters, joint effects of nature and society and social constructions. Although each disaster take on a different persona, the collaborative planning team can learn from past emergency situations to aide in the understanding of the situation. Understanding a situation is essentially gathering information and facts that arise from the situation. The emergency management team is to stick to the planning principle when gaining an

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