The Environment And Governance Of Modern Cities

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The topic of ecological sustainability can be complex or simple, depending on the many factors that take place. In living systems, being sustainable means to produce more than to waste. By creating something sustainable, it assures that the resources can be recycled and will be available for people in the future to meet their needs. In terms of modern cities, the sustainability depends on how much minerals and energy we bring into the city (water, energy), and how we use them effectively for our health and community, while keeping the available resources from depleting. Not only that, the sustainability also depends on the cities form and infrastructure to support an average citizen’s daily needs. With the politics and governance of modern cities, how viable are plans of creating a sustainable city now? Is it possible? Many nations have already agreed that it is an important and influential issue, with harsh consequences if not tackled. The situation of a city and its flaws also depends on if the cities are in the third world, or in a rich nation. A sustainable city needs to be environmentally worthy, have a suitable infrastructure for all and should be well run. These characteristics can only be achieved by proper governance and the collective effort of the citizens. The essay discusses the importance of environmental sustainability and some of the widely known issues of urban and rural sustainability around the globe and possible solutions and preventions.
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