The Era Of George Washington

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In today’s military we think of tactics and strategy in quite a different manner than in the time of Washington. During his time strategy and tactics were not known by the name in fact the term did not even exist, but they were know by thoughts, processes, and rules that were passed down through generations in which leadership waged war. “Until the nineteenth century, war was the sport of kings, and strategy the rules of the game.” (Palmer, 2012, p.3) As we look into the era of George Washington we can see three general aspects of warfare that were used. The first being tactics which we can describe as being the “theory of the use of military forces in combat” (Palmer, 2012, p. 6) or generally speaking how we fight our enemy. This how we fight aspect goes into the basic make up and use of forces, such as we are going to use our light infantry to suppress the forward progress of our enemy while our cavalry uses there speed advantage to flank around the enemy and begin an aggressive assault. Another war aspect we see in this time period is strategy. Strategy is very similar to tactics but it instead looks more into where and whether we should fight to gain a victory (Palmer, 2012, p. 6-7). The aspect of strategy also looks into numbers, in which we can say we are going up against a force that is estimated to be in the range of seven thousand militia and two thousand cavalry units, because of this we should attack them further back into the wood line where we have the greater

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