The Ethical Dilemmas Article On The Public Relations Arena And How A Client Company Relationship Is Reached

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The Ethical Dilemmas article discusses the competitiveness in the public relations arena and how a client-company relationship is reached. When reading the article one understands how difficult it is for companies to maintain strict adherence to ethical guidelines. There are 7 dilemmas covered in the article that calls for an in-depth review of the difficulties clients, employees and employers face in the highly competitive public relations environment; which entails understanding when and where to disseminate information in regard to the advertising of a company or an individual. Public relation firms also manage the careers of high profile individuals and are also known as damage control consultants. In public relation firms employees are required to conduct themselves in a manner that reflects positively on their firm. However, their main focus on managing their clients. In the article there are 7 dilemmas that employees face on a day to day basis and if one were looking for suggestions that will aid employees in how to handle the 7 ethical dilemmas addressed in the article. 1. Client Non-Compete Agreements – Non-compete agreements are clauses added to a contract that states a firm will not solicit or accept contracts from a competitor (Quote). However, in today’s competitive environment a business main focus is on return on investments, many companies rarely honor non-compete clauses. In light of this, employees are left in the precarious position of having to
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