The Ethics Of Morals And Ethics

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It really comes to no surprise that morals and ethics are an important concept in our daily lives. However despite being taught about things that are moral or ethical even from a young age they still have a large importance. Ethics as explained previously explained are a set of principles to better guide human behavior. Morals also function similarly. Morals assume that human nature has an affinity for good rather than evil and injustice. Combining these two principles morals and ethics make sure we make more human decision making not only in our careers but in our day to day lives.
While it may be known that morals are important, it is important to know the origins of morals to better understand their importance. Old beliefs painted humans in an elevated stature with moral development being grounded as an ultimate hope in human progress. They believed that better evolved morals would move away from our “troubled childhood” and to a more a humane admirable potential. Philosophers such as confucius and plato also had a role to play with developing morals as we know them. Confucian tradition has the four beginnings which are reason(became moral understanding) , affiliation (transmutes as compassion), resentment (which yields a sense of justice) , and feelings of guilt and shame ( which come from doing wrong). Aristotle’s approach was somewhat different since he described moral development as natural growth and that there was no assumption that human beings were inherently

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