The Experiment On The Space Bar

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19 undergraduate students from the College of Staten Island participated in this experiment, serving as part of their course requirement. The experiment consisted of both males and females.
Materials and Designs
Each participant was assigned a computer booth containing a personal computer. Computers were equipped with the Cog Lab 2.0 database from which the experiment was carried out and with statistical software which was used to analyze the data acquired. The dependent variable for the experiment was the speed (response time) with which a response was made. The independent variables were the number of digits in the memory set (1, 3, or 5) and response type.

Procedure Participants were first provided with instruction outlining the contents and requirements of the experiment. After selecting the Sternberg’s experiment from the database; an instruction screen appeared and participants were prompted to enter their names, click on do the experiment and press the space bar to start. Upon pressing the space bar, a fixation point appeared in the middle of the screen. After one second, the participants were shown a short list of (1, 3, or 5) numbers for 1.2, 3.6, or 6 seconds respectively and asked to memorize them. The memory set disappeared, then a probe in the form of a single digit was shown 1 to 3 seconds later. Participants were required to indicate, as quickly and as accurately as possible, whether this probe number was in the list just presented
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