The Field Of Reproductive Technology

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Today’s culture has a growing fascination with biotechnology and genetic engineering. This is especially true within the field of reproductive technology. Advancements in this field has expanded family options significantly with the advent of reproductive technologies such as in vetro fertilization, embryo transplant, and varying genetic testing and screening (Finsterbusch, 2008). However, what drives humanity to want to modify humankind? Should there be limits placed on these modifications? And, how far should we really go?
According to the President’s Council on Bioethics, the completion of the DNA sequencing phase of the Human Genome Project, as well as the advancement of stem cell research, has given genetic and reproductive science
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The primary purpose of this reproduction technology is to detect the presence or absence of genetic or chromosomal abnormalities before conception (Finsterbusch, 2008). This technology could essentially limit potential adverse diseases and abnormalities at conception. For example, a couple who wanted to have a baby but knew they had a risk for genetic disease, could opt for IVF to allow embryo screening prior to transfer, preventing the need for prenatal screening, possible abortion, or risking birth to a baby with genetic deficits (Finsterbusch, 2008).
Reproductive and genetic technologies such as embryo screening prior to transfer would move from potential disease and genetic deficits to baby enhancement with minimal to no risk to the mother, thus allowing infertile couples to not only conceive, but further giving them the potential to achieve healthy and genetically sound babies (Schäfer, Baumann, & Kettner, 1996). Furthermore, technologies such as prenatal screenings, allow couples to make informed decisions on whether to terminate a genetically abnormal fetus keeping risk to the mother at a minimal and alleviating a burden not only to the parents, but society as a whole. Lastly, this technology provides advanced genetic knowledge that can allow for
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