The Financial Performance Of Tesla Motors Inc.

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The purpose of this memo is to compare the financial performance of Tesla Motors Inc. to the Bayerische Motoren Werke AG. BMW AG was selected because they are in direct competition with each other in the fully electric power motor vehicles. BMW has been chosen because they currently offer the most fully vehicles on the market compared to any other automotive manufacturer. BMW is also one of the only manufacturers that has invested resources into developing its electronic drive system (I-Drive) instead of buying an existing model of electronic drive system like other car manufacturers such as Mercedes(TechCrunch). After completing a financial analysis of the two companies it can be concluded that Tesla Motors Inc. is in a weaker financial position compared to BMW AG.
BMW AG Stocks have traded at a higher level than Tesla recently

Over the past year both Tesla and BMW have taken severe losses to their share prices. overall Tesla has reported a lower loss percentage in its share price, -25% compared to BMW’s reported loss of -33%. However since October 2015 BMW has reported an over loss percentage than Tesla. The six month report of the two groups shows that BMW has traded at a higher price and therefore reports a lower loss percentage of -21% compared to Tesla’s -29%. Even more recently BMW’s share prices have increased by 1% whereas Tesla’s share prices have dropped by -11%. By reporting this gain it shows that BMW stock is in greater demand meaning that investors have

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