The First Discipline That I Chose To Practice Over The

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The first discipline that I chose to practice over the duration of Interim is prayer. Since, I could not decide on which form of prayer I wanted to practice based on the suggestions in the Spiritual Disciplines Handbook, I decided to go from my own approach. There were days where I would spend my prayer time praying for the needs of others and asking God to bless them. Many times I found myself begging God to forgive me and to help me see situations differently. One time, I even I tried centering prayer. All of these different ways to pray, taught me quite a bit about myself and my preferences when it comes to prayer. I decided to attack this spiritual discipline head on, since prayer has always been something that I do only when I am in …show more content…

The part of just randomly talking was kind of new for me, because usually I go to God and beg for healing, forgiveness, etcetera, instead of just telling him what I am thinking and asking Him to help guide me though the next thirty minutes. During one prayer session, I decided to try centering prayer, since that is the section of my presentation that I am responsible for completing. I decided that my spiritual word was going to be grace, since that was a theme that kept popping up in my Bible readings the day before. At first it was very hard to quiet my mind enough so I could focus on saying “grace.” After about five minutes, I began to feel my thoughts slipping away and I began to feel very at peace. In fact, there was one point during this time of prayer where I was so at peace that I thought I might have been sleeping. However, I know that this was not the case because I could still hear the people around me. This feeling of peace was so incredible; however, after coming out of centering prayer, I felt disappointed because I never heard God’s voice, I only felt His presence. It is always incredibly difficult for me to hear God’s voice, which is why I thought I would try centering prayer. Honestly, because I felt as though I had tried my hardest to connect with God and he didn’t show up, I felt like giving up. I would have to say that there were many times during my thirty minutes of prayer that I just wanted to give up because I

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