The Five Philosobutes Of Chinese Olympic Weightlifting Philosophies

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Chinese Olympic Weightlifting Philosophies Starting in the early 1900’s, the Olympics took the world by storm. It soon became the greatest test of athleticism and strength. One of the centerpieces of the Olympics, that is a true testament of athleticism and strength, is weightlifting. Not only does it measure strength but it also measures skill and brute force. Out of all the countries competing, China stands above all its competitors. The greatest Olympic weightlifters reside in China. Lü Xiaojun, an example of Chinese weightlifting domination, is a three-time world champion and the current Olympic and world holder of the snatch in the 77-kilogram weight class. Now, one might ask, how do the Chinese continue to prevail against all competitors in weightlifting? The answer is simple. The five philosophies of Chinese Olympic weightlifting.
The first Chinese philosophy to Olympic Weightlifting is fast. On the ascent of a lift, the bar must be accelerating quickly to build maximum upward momentum so the barbell can continue to travel upward after full extension. When the lifter begins his first pull on the snatch or clean, if the bar speed is not there he will be drastically limiting his lift. If one struggles with bar speed he must train to move fast early in the lift using muscle snatch. Muscle snatch is a great exercise for obtaining this Chinese strategy. It requires the lifter to utilize bar speed to complete the lift. Many lifters believe strength is the only

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