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The following body of writing will discuss a change event that has occurred within my current place of work. The main focuses of this discussion are on the process of change, how the change was implemented and reflection of these two points.

I work in a small branch of an international fashion retailer in Worcester, where the store manager has recently left the company. A sales manager has been appointed as store manager, temporarily, until the new manager is trained (see appendix A for business structure.) As the Temporary Store Manager (TSM) hasn’t been trained for the position, they’ve had to undergo brief training about departments/brands within the store that they previously weren’t familiar with. As a result of the organisation’s unpreparedness for change, the store has met some difficulties.

The lack of training provided means that there are other managers in the store who know more about certain aspects of the business than the TSM. This, along with the change management approach, has caused a discreet level of hostility on the shop floor – the TSM has been very autocratic in their management style. I acknowledge that there are many elements which contribute toward change management but have identified the following that were highlighted during this event: leadership, training, communication, preparedness for change and resistance to change.

Having reflected upon the elements mentioned above, the TSM may’ve considered taking a collaborative approach (Growe

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