The Founder Of The World 's Apparel Brand

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Fashion is a thing that became really inseparable and important for people’s life from all around the world since long time ago. It also became something that people can use to show their wealth, economy condition, and even personality. Moreover, there are a lot of brand that people can choose to show their fashion. All of the apparel brands compete with each others to be successful, the best, and the leader of the world’s apparel brand. One example that we can use to prove it is a Hong Kong based apparel company named Giordano. Besides the successful of this company, there is also definitely an entrepreneur behind it that worked really hard to make it happen. The entrepreneur of Giordano that also will be discussed in this essay is Lai Chee-Ying (Jimmy Lai). In order to describe how Giordano and Jimmy Lai became so successful, this essay will purposefully explain what Giordano is and what Jimmy Lai’s background, characteristics, and skills to make it happen. First of all, Giordano was established in 1981 and headquartered in Hong Kong. It became an apparel company that retail its product internationally for men’s, women’s, and even children’s apparel. Even though the company is originally come from Asia, that people might thought it will suit better with the Asians, but the style and the design’s ideas of the product are very acceptable and flexible for people from wherever they are outside Asia. In addition, Giordano also opened its store in more than 20 countries with

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