The Function Of Communication When You Are Strategically Planning For Change

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The function of communication when you are strategically planning for change or improvements are key to the success of the project. Without proper communication, there a high chance for the plan to fail. There are many ways to deliver communication to insure it will be effective. Some ways of communication are meetings, email, face to face conversations and letters. The meetings have to be many and often. The initial start for the strategic plan is the meeting to discuss what changes, improvement, expansion and merger in which they want to undertake. This meeting will consist of the shareholders and executive officers. They will discuss what direction they would like to take the organization. They will have many meeting to discuss a vision and agree on it and make a plan. They must at this point create a clear vision statement. In our text (Spath, 2013) “The real benefit of a clear vision statement is to get everyone in the organization on board and wanting to achieve it, and, though cumbersome, everyone in the organization should also have had a hand in creating it or at least providing feedback before it is adopted.” Once you have a clear vision and proper vision statement, then you have a much better chance of the organization succeeding. Everyone must know the vision and be motivated to make the plan work. You must have everyone participate in expressing their ideas from their perspective. They can do this several ways, such as putting out a
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