The Fundamental Principles Guiding Positive Behavioral Support Systems Remain The Same No Matter

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The fundamental principles guiding Positive Behavioral Support Systems remain the same no matter what grade level is taught. While maintaining the overall concept of teaching appropriate behaviors and providing accountability for inappropriate behaviors is stagnant among each grade level, the actual appearance or observation of the PBSS implementation will drastically change based on the education level being taught.
Internally, the creation and implementation of PBSS begins with training, which will allow for staff understanding and buy-in of the overall concept (Netzel & Eber, 2003). In order to facilitate an effective PBSS in a school, there must be a super majority buy-in of the overall concept and implementation plan. In order to facilitate this, schools, no matter their grade level accommodations have to educate about the overall logic of the approach, educate about the logistics and time management aspects of the approach, and give appropriate means of communication throughout the process (Netzel & Eber, 2003). With the similarity of the makeup and structure of each program in mind, the focus turns to the overall differentiation in observation of the PBSS in the elementary, middle, and high school levels.
In an elementary level PBSS program, the observer would likely see a more teacher centered approach with teacher scripts and modeling (Netzel & Eber, 2003). The beginning stages of molding behavior include basic instruction and modeling of the desired behavior.

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