The Gender Division Between Men And Women Essay

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The gender division between men and women has been prevalent since the beginning of mankind. Whether it be overt stereotyping or subliminal messaging, women have always had a limited sense of agency. A potent threat to a feminist society, is the implementation of a dress code. Historically, dress codes have been justified as creating a professional and appropriate atmosphere, to avoid distractions. This is coded language: the dress code serves as another form of hegemony against females. Limiting what can be worn, and shaming those who don 't comply certainly does not sound right for a free society such as ours, but it is the unfortunate truth. These deeply ingrained sexist protocols have now invaded high schools and colleges alike, and have deeply affected our youth. In America it has been made clear that the bare skin of females is inadmissible and is dangerous to our carefully crafted social order. Young men and women are enraged by their school’s sexist dress code policy and have begun to advocate for change through student activism. Social media plays a large role in the dress code reform movement, and to research this topic I have chosen to analyze articles that question the need for the dress code (The Atlantic) and also articles that protect the idea that clothing restrictions are necessary(Global News). Lastly I analyzed a moderate perspective (Post Courier) to provide a comparison of how media bias affects a movement’s portrayal. The media sources I have chosen

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