The Goal Of A Potential Sales Force Essay

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Assumption: the goal of a potential sales force is for promotion of r/gFast only. In the future, if you build a sales force for these products, you may decide to add other lab services to the sales call. If so, you would want to think about building the Covenant brand in addition to the rFast and gFast brands.
From the small amount of time that I have spent with the Covenant team and from looking at the limited data provided, it seems highly probable to me that r/gFast can be profitable products and should be promoted through a sales force. Exactly what type of sales force needs to be determined. Before I could recommend a plan of action for a sales force or any other avenues of marketing, several areas of the business must be explored and understood as fully as possible. Although I have never been a big fan of fancy marketing lingo produced by big ad agencies, I do strongly believe that a written Brand Plan is critical for any promoted product. I have no doubt that you have thought about each area of the business individually many times and have the answers to many of the questions I will pose in this memo. What I see as missing is looking at the totality of this information. Some of these areas of business will become better understood over time and initial assumptions must be made based on the information currently available. It should also be noted that once created, a Brand Plan should be viewed as a living document needing quarterly review and revision. The

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