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Bar (Cocktail with a twist) 1718, Baker Street, Nelson, BC, V1L5B5 (Address): It is located in center of the nelson city. There is many shopping, grocery store and restaurants near our Bar. There are lots of bars within the nelson area for example: Mike’s Pub, Bloom, Finley’s Irish Bar and grill, The Royal Bars that offer entertainment or live music are often referred to as music bars, live venues, or nightclubs. These types of bars have higher level of completion and range from inexpensive to elegant places of entertainment often accompanying restaurants for dining. Target Market: Nelson is Canada's leading educational publisher providing innovative products and solutions for learners of all ages. Nelson values and respects the lifelong …show more content…

Patio: We also have patio outside the bar’s back door because some do not like loud music or inside environment so, we provide pleasant atmosphere. Product and services: We also provide some special events and deals for customers to enjoy the summer as best they can with our special cocktails such as we arrange some candle light events near beach for couples and some games for kids to play and they can get chance to win prizes and toys as well. Cocktails Menu Cuba Libre 5.50$ Absolute Watermelon Martini 6.00$ Mixture of coke and Rum Martini with watermelon juice and Garnished with lemon slice Absolute vodka Whiskey Sour 6.00$ Seven and seven 5.00$ Bourbon whiskey Cocktail with sweet sour Whiskey fizzed with seven Up Taste and Dash of egg white Bombay Sunset 6.00$ Cranberry Martini 5.00$ Bombay sapphire gin topped Cranberry flavoured gin With Lemon juice and soda Martini Sunset 6.00$ Caesar 6.00$ Orange juice with rum and lemon juice Canadian most cocktail Decorated with grenadine on the top Clamato juice with vodka and sauce spiced with spicy sauces Tom Collins 5.00$ Grey hound 6.00$ New York Origin Cocktail Sweet cocktail lover favourite Gin with sugar syrup and lemon juice Grape Fruit

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