The Great Schism And The Separation Of Christianity

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Great post! Your forum is a very good read and I really enjoyed the sequential analysis given. I agree with you that the Great Schism is the separation of Christianity and the result of a dispute of authority. According to Walton (2005), the American Baptist tree is a child-like example (chart 119) of what the Prophet Hose 4:6 says “the priest who rejected knowledge, the people will be destroyed and their children will not be remembered because of the forsaking of the order of God.” We find from chart 119 that beginning from1639- to the present, the Great Schisms. For example, Roger Williams was ordained in the Anglican Church but moved towards Separatism because he seeks liberty of conscience. Meaning he was opposed to the American Revolution because of the oath of loyalty to King sacred according to scripture” (Walton, 2005, chart 101). Similar, to both the Latins and Greeks implying each should submit to the adopting of the others belief.…show more content…
The characteristics of the son of perdition, according to 2 Thessalonians 1;7-15 are the works of the mystery of iniquity, the revealing of the wicked one, works are after that of Satan (Lucifer, the false prophet, and the antichrist), deceivableness of unrighteousness, do not believe the truth, and desire pleasure in unrighteousness. However, Christ says in John 17:12, “while I was within the world, I kept them in thy name those whom you have given me….” Again, in John 16 chapter, Christ comforts us that “he will not leave us comfortless, he will return, and that the Comforter, (the Holy Spirit, third man of the God-head) will reveal himself in man to assist with the influence of the ‘son of perdition’s influences that we find, I believe in the Great
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