The Grizzly Bear Lodge

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Course Hero has millions of student submitted documents similar to the one below including study guides, practice problems, reference materials, practice exams, textbook help and tutor support. Grizzly the Bear Lodge Case Study Discuss how Rudy and Diane can use feed forward, concurrent, and feedback controls both nowandinthefutureattheGrizzlyBearLodgetoensuretheirguestssat isfaction. Feed Forward: Feed forward is really like preventative control. Rudy and Diane should implement plans for starting the expansion of their business. These plans should start immediately before any expansion work starts.Feedforward control would incorporate making sure that: Plans are in place to make sure that they themselves are available as well as…show more content…
Were they under booked? They can also gather feedback from surveys left for guests’ in their rooms. What did the guests feel was good what was not so good? What about the business nearby that they wanted to wanted to offer guided excursions with? Did they get enough buy in or was this something that did not really flourish? The Grizzly Bear Lodge Case Study the Feedback they receive from these questions will help them with their feed forward controls for the New Year. They need to take these feedbacks and use them to plan for the New Year, what do they need to change; what worked well and will stay as it is? What might be some of the fundamental budgetary considerations the Conrad would have as they plan the expansion of their lodge? The Conrad need to take a look at their expenses. They currently have expenses at 230k. With the expansion they are planning they need to make sure that expenses willing crease at least in the short term. How much more expenses can they incur? They will most likely not see a drastic increase in profit right away. They must make sure they have the cash flow and funds to cover new operating expenses, which would include renovation sand new salaries for hired staff. If their projected annual sales let’s say increases to 400k; their expenses should be less than that for them to stay afloat .They can as some their annual income will not likely be all that
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