The Impact Of Internet On The Internet

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“Social changes were and will always be harder in early days in history”
In today’s day in age society is culturally more open to other people’s values and perspectives. This is partially due to the information available on the internet. The internet has opened a tremendous amount of various information from different points of view. These different points of view help others with no knowledge accept and perceive the information as if they were a person who may be dealing with racism, assault, and or discrimination. Gladwell might have mentioned people misunderstand something written by a stranger on the internet, but proved that point wrong by showing the positive aspects of technology being more helpful for protesting. The three main …show more content…

The way the author proved the internet in a positive view was validating the point of the internet spreading awareness on a faster rate. Gladwell explained how Twitter and Facebook have gotten politicians and higher ranked people in the world to listen to people that have never had a say in society. With people which whom may have never had a say in society post an opinion about some social problem, they might have a chance to make it aware to other people due to the internet. Again with referring to the whole idea of social change is easier to be accomplished in today’s world is due to the internet. With that being said, Gladwell perfectly validates social change is clearly faster with technology.
Another very important social change the internet has helped throughout the existence of technology is how many wars have been won or ended faster with information being posted onto the internet. Without information being posted on the internet people on the total opposite side of the war would never be aware of what kind of war is being fought, and how it ended. In the essay “Small Change” the quotation which was stated by Glassman “Sites like Facebook, give the U.S a significant competitive advantage over terrorists” (Gladwell 171). This quotation shows a complete understanding of how the internet makes countries that may use the internet and sites as in Facebook, have or will

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