The Health Information System

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Abstract: The Health Information System (HIS), an health organization with many departments and functional units, facing trends in changes of an overall work processes. The principles of goal setting sees the departments restructuring and re-engineering strategy implementation towards achievable goal. The work design onlook the departments effort in making sustainable health services. The job redesign had set modification and re-arrangement of task structure and processes of work administered through the principles of job enrichment. Keywords: electronic environment, rate of workdone, limits complexity, managerial tools. Introduction Due to growing trends and changes in the processes organization experienced, the Health Information Services (HIS) stepped up its organizational design in its strategy formulated. Introducing the efficacy of electronic health records that also overhaul changes in the health care delivery system in various department, enabling task variety among professionals. Challenges of job enlargement, as insinuated to become alternatives in complementing the changes in experiencing in the departments. Employees and professionals in the organization seemed vested with accomplishment of their assigned tasks, assignments, works and responsibilities towards the achieving organisation’s goal setting. Leaders in the all departments tend to plan, organize, and controls the goal set with the four different strategic model- re-engineering, restructuring,

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