The Hilton Chain Double Tree

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As franchise of the Hilton chain Double Tree by Hilton work very hard to exceed guest expectations that are very high because of the popularity of the brand, and to increase customers loyalty. Especially in London where the competition is very high checking Tripadvisor and our SALT (satisfaction and loyalty tracker) is part of the daily routine of every manager/supervisor and of the HR in order to ensure that every team member is working in the right direction to contribute to achieve our annual targets. Considering how important is the contribution of every single team member to achieve our targets the HR practitioner role is absolutely central for the organisation success: first of all at Double Tree we aim to hire the right people. Every team member needs to represent the Double Tree brand values and to provide a high level of service as per brand standard. From the recruitment process the HR needs to individuate which candidate will add competitiveness to the organisation and strategically hire them. Once the HR finds the right candidate needs to ensure the person get the right training and with engagement activities make sure they stay motivate in the role and actively contribute and work together to meet the target. Finally one of the biggest challenge for the HR in our organisation is to retain the most talented people with promotion opportunities whether available or trough job design. 3.1 Forces shaping the HR agenda Considering some of the major forces

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