The History Of Rock And Roll

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“Heavy Metal” music Term paper 10/15/2015 Student: Robert Thoroughman MU1133 The History of Rock and Roll Instructor: Dr. Barry E. Kopetz Heavy Metal is a genre of music that is defined by as an “aggressive and heavily amplified rock music, commonly performed by groups that wear spectacular or bizarre costumes”. Another definition listed is; “a type of rock music characterized by a strong beat and amplified instrumental effects, sometimes with violent, or nihilistic lyrics” By definition we see heavy metal is an aggressive style of rock music that often characterized by strong amplified instrumental effects and a strong beat. Three influential Artist or groups I will examine for this writing is Ozzy Osbourne, Black Sabbath and Van Halen. Black Sabbath is an English rock band formed in Birmingham England. The band was active from 1968 to 2006. Then took a break so to speak until 2011. They enjoyed success in the start of their career. However, that success died off and they were almost mocked as a band by the end of 2006. After that they took a break before returning to music in 2011. Based on a statement from Ozzy he is quoted as saying, “One of the reasons I left Black Sabbath was because Van Halen was blowing us off the stage every night. It was embarrassing.” —Ozzy Osbourne. Based on information from we read that Ozzy was fired. The primary reason stated was his extreme use of and abuse of drugs. On a personal note, I feel that his
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