The History Of The Slave Trade

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The history of the slave trade is one that most people would want to forget. Though, forgetting such an important era in the history of the world is not only wrong but a recipe for repeating other such mistakes. According to Capone (2007), more than 11 million Africans were taken to the New World in the period between the 16th and mid-19th centuries. More than any other colony in the Americas: Brazil received the largest portion of the slaves. The Brazilian coastline was especially a major hosting ground for the new Africans who were arriving from the western African states including Bight of Benin, Senegambia, Bight of Biafra, as well as other regions in West Central Africa. The huge number of Africans would over the years dominate the population of Brazil. However, the conditions were very harsh not just in the transportation but also in the slave plantations where they were subjected to inhumane treatment. This paper details the foundation of African forced migration to Brazil, the slavery period, and the liberation of African slaves as well as the contributions made by Brazil’s native people, and the Catholic Church towards the liberation of Africans in Brazil. The essay will also discuss the role of African contributions to what is now modern Brazilian culture.
Foundation of Slavery
The history of Brazil would not be complete without a chapter on racism and slavery. On the same note, the history of Brazil would not be complete without a chapter on racism and slavery.…

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